Let's Keep the Written Word Going

My mother instilled in me early on the importance of a handwritten thank- you note. I’ll never forget how proud I was to receive my first set of monogrammed stationery.  I would give anything to know where she’d purchased it now.  It was a lovely shade of pale pink and looked very hoity toity!  Long story short, I was all that.

Every year I’d meet new friends on vacation, and because long distance phone calls were an additional cost on the phone bill, letters were our only way to keep in touch.  I loved getting home from school and discovering a letter addressed to me on the kitchen table.

As I got older and had a household of my own, it was even more exciting to receive a letter, instead of a bill, in the mailbox.  I always thought that if it made my day better, perhaps it’d make another person’s day brighter, too.

I’m not sure exactly when I made the pact with myself, but I’ve kept it for many, many years.  Whenever someone does something kind for me, gives me a gift, prepares a meal at their home for me, I take the time to send a handwritten note.  But, I also vowed that once a month, I’d send a random note to someone who had touched my life in some way.  It could’ve been in a very profound way or by a small, simple act of kindness.  Some recipients have been lifelong friends, others don’t know me at all…. perhaps they were a waitress I witnessed going out of her way for a mother with small children or a cashier who took the time to share a smile and kind word.  Whoever they were, I hope the words meant something to them.

This month I’m sending a short, but love-filled note, to my elementary school principal who encouraged all of his students to enjoy learning.  So many times, those who’ve made a difference in our lives, never even know it.

Are my readers up to the challenge of keeping the written word going? I certainly hope so! I’ll post my random note each month, but please share yours with me as well! I’ll gladly post some of them.  I’m anxious to see how creative you all can be!

Until next time-


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